Westlock Regional Landfill Regular Hours of Operation are:
Tuesday-Friday 10:00am to 5:45pm
Saturday 9:00am to 4:45pm
Closed Statutory Holidays
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Westlock Regional Landfill (main landfill south and east of Westlock) is under the direction of the Westlock Regional Waste Management Commission, not the County of Westlock.  The Transfer Stations located at Vimy, Jarvie, Busby and Pibrock are under the direction of Westlock County.  For information on these transfer stations, please click on the respective tab under "Trans Stations" or call the County of Westlock.


Due to the snow this weekend, landfill is hard to work in, please be prepared for the snow and watch for ice, thank you.

Progress at Regional Landfill

We have completed our Compost Pad, only Grass and Leaves and small branches, less than 1/2 inch diameter, are allowed.  No garbage or plastic bags allowed.  Tell scale attendant you have compost.

The transfer station is up and running, we ask that you please back in and make sure your waste goes into the bin.  We have a large 30 yard bin as well as 3 smaller bins for your convenience.  Please remember to put your cardboard in the recycle building and not in the trash bin.

Construction for the Recycle Baler install is complete, we are just learning how to use the unit. The location for putting your recycle has moved to the east end of the building.  Large loads of cardboard may be diverted to the West End of the building for easier sorting.  Please sort your materials according to the signage in the building and what staff ask.  thank you.

Thank you for your patience