The Westlock Regional Waste Management Commission is comprised of The Town of Westlock, The County of Westlock and the Village of Clyde?  Yes, there are representatives from all three Municipalities on the Waste Commission.

Their primary responsibility is the regional landfill located just East of Westlock.  They look at budget, ensure that the management is following local, Provincial and Federal regulations relating to landfills, as well as meeting the basic needs of waste management in the region.

NOTICE:  Effective January 1, 2018 any company wanting to set up an account for the regional landfill will be required to fill out a credit application and must go through an credit check before approval.  You can pick up credit applications at any of the municipal offices or at the regional landfill.  If a company is doing a small job, we do now accept credit cards at the regional landfill, rather than setting up an account.

In addition, we are reorganizing our system for commercial accounts, with this if a company had an account with the Regional Landfill and has not hauled any waste in the past 3 years your account may have been closed.  Also, any company that is from outside the County doing work inside the Region is required to have a Commercial Account or must pay by Credit card, they will no longer have a County Commercial account as was done in the past.  thank you.