Approval Date:

 August 1, 2016

The following rates shall apply to all waste deposited at the facility:

-  Residential charges:$65.00/tonne

77 kgs or less                $5.00/tonne

Loads over 77 kg are prorated

-  Commercial charges:$85.00/tonne

-  Concrete: $15.00 / tonne

NOTE:  There will be a $5.00 minimum fee for small loads

Commercial and Residential Recycle: $65.00/tonne, no minimum fee.  This is for loads that are just recycle material such as, Cardboard, Plasit (non film), Paper (Shredded in separate bag), Electronics, and others. We are trying to encourage recycling as much as possible and this rate is just to help cover costs.  Thank you.

Please make sure and contact your respective municipal office to set up an account for the landfill.  All loads to the landfill are required to present their given account number card as we have had problems with people using other peoples numbers, so the card MUST be presented.

Click here for current Rate Shedule: Schedule A bylaw 02-2015.pdf