The regional landfill has updated its recycle area, please watch for signs and utilize the site safely. 
Materials accepted at Landfill for recycle include: Cardboard, Paper, Newsprint, Magazines, clean tin cans, clean glass containers, Plastic (# 1-7, no film), and batteries at the Recycle Building.  Electronics, Paints, used oil, empty oil containers,  and used oil filters, Tires, Metal, and empty propane tanks at the Recycle Staging area.

Hazardous Waste

We do take some forms of hazardous waste for proper disposal, not in the landfill please.  They include, used oil, household cleaners, paint thinners, paints, Fluorescent bulbs, and batteries.  Please ask where these items go and do not just dump them somewhere thinking someone will sort it out later.  In the future there may be charges for disposal of these items as the cost is going higher every time we send them off.

information handout can be found here: waste.pdf


Our recycle baler is up and running, we are in the learning process of operation and what we can and can not bale.  We do know that we have to change how we handle the recycle materials and ask that you sort the following and pay attenting to what you put into the bins.

1. Clean out the plastic containers. There are a lot of containers still with stuff in them and this can contaminate a whole bale of plastic. Plastic is already difficult to market and when contaminated it then costs a lot more to dispose of it. Take that extra minute and please rinse out the containers.
2. No styrofoam in the plastic bins. Styrofoam is one of those materials that is hard to recycle. The issue is that the items are all made from a little different mixture of materials and can not just be melted down and reused. It can be sorted and shipped out for processing, but right now the costs are extreme to do this and it is almost impossible to find a company that is willing to take it right now. Right now, unfortunately, it has to go in the waste stream.
3. Tin can bins. Please remove the labels and rinse them out. Also, the bins are not for other metal items like pots, pans, metal pipe, etc. It is only for food type tin cans, from soup or beans or cat food or coffee, etc. We are not set up to hand sort the material as it goes into the baler, so the minimum of this kind of stuff in there the better for us to help market it. We do have a metal area for the other items not allowed in the tin can bins.
4. Please, no cardboard that has foods in it, like pizza boxes. Also if the cardboard is covered in oil or other substance, please do not put it into the cardboard recycle. These items will have to be put into the waste stream as well.
5. Paper, we will be asking that your paper be somewhat sorted into 2 catagories. Office paper, which is basically any white paper from a printer, or a notebook. We will be able to handle shredded paper as well. The second will be news print, magazines and other such paper. We found DVDs in our paper bin one day, they are not paper, sorry guys.

All of this is for us to perhaps help to market the items and perhaps generate revenue back to help cover operating costs. All of these items go up and down in the market so the better the material is the better chance we may get paid for it. One exception is Plastic, right now we just look at how we can prepare it to cost us less for disposal as we have to pay to dispose of it, not get paid for it. Our facility is small and we are trying to keep costs at a minimum by not having to hand sort the recycle materials, so please do the best job you can to help us.

Also, as I am asked about this often, we will not be accepting the blue bags from the Town or Village in the near future as we are not set up for the hand sorting required to handle these bags. We will try to work on this for the future, however. Thank you for helping us reduce the amount of waste that goes into the regional landfill. Tom