The regional landfill has updated its recycle area, please watch for signs and utilize the site safely. 
Materials accepted at Landfill for recycle include: Cardboard, Paper, Newsprint, Magazines, clean tin cans, clean glass containers, Plastic (# 1-7, no film), and batteries at the Recycle Building
Electronics, Paints, used oil, empty oil containers,  and used oil filters, Tires, Metal, and empty propane tanks at the Recycle Staging area.

Hazardous Waste

We do take some forms of hazardous waste for proper disposal, not in the landfill please.  They include, used oil, household cleaners, paint thinners, paints, Fluorescent bulbs, and batteries.  Please ask where these items go and do not just dump them somewhere thinking someone will sort it out later.  In the future there may be charges for disposal of these items as the cost is going higher every time we send them off.

General Waste information handout can be found here: waste.pdf
For more information related to our recycle centre, like what materials can we handle, how to prepare your materials, etc, please go to the tab above for the Recycle Centre.