Westlock Regional Waste Management Commission is part of the Provincial Ag Plastics Pilot program.  We are now taking, grain bags, silage bags, Bale wrap, baling twine and netting to ship off for recycling.

Materials need to be separated, twine in bags, netting in separate bags,  we are working on getting manual baler units for Silage bags and Bale wrap, to be baled separately.  We hope to have a program where we can send one of these balers to farmers sites and they can bale their materials then bring them to the landfill for shipping.

IF these materials are brought in separately, this material WILL NOT go against your yearly tonnage as long as you are willing to put it in the proper place and prepare it appropriately. 

If you insist on Landfilling this material, YOU will be charged directly at the landfill at double tipping fees, as we have an option to recycle this material.  

Grain bags need to be tightly rolled, an old round hay baler works great:  silage bags somewhat clean and rolled, or in strips:  we will have a sort of a baler for the silage bags, as long as they are in pieces we can handle by hand.  All twine and netting must be in bags and bagged separately.

Generic - Grain Bag Twine

Baling twine

If you need bags for your Baling twine and netting, please ask staff in the Scale house as they can provide them for you.  Thank you, Tom

Please Read this letter relating to expectations of bringing ag plastics to our facility.  Thank you.. Tom

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Unacceptable mix. full of waste and dirt, needs to be bagged.

Updated information on the Clean Farms program here in Alberta, click on link below.


Clean Farms Information
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