Compost Facility

New Westlock Facility is Composting Organic Wastes

for Regenerative Agriculture

The Westlock Regional Waste Management Commission has partnered with AltRoot to compost organic waste for use in regenerative agriculture. AltRoot uses Covered Aerated Static Pile (CASP) technology to compost municipal food wastes, wood chips and garden wastes. The Class 1 facility feedstocks are blended and placed in 12-foot-high aerated static piles covered with a finished compost biofilter layer.

The CASP diagram shows how air is blown into the composting material to aerate the biological microorganisms to efficiently break down the organic matter of the blended feedstocks. The biofilter cover of finished compost filters out any odours and retains essential nutrients and moisture in the static pile of composting material. This arrangement enables rapid production of product suitable for soil amendment in regenerative agriculture.

The initiative with Westlock Landfill diverts organic wastes from the regional landfill, thus extending its available life while reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions through elimination of methane emissions from anaerobic conditions in the landfill.

CASP is a proven biological process with air-flow to control an oxygen-rich environment for natural decomposition of organic materials. The system enables control of temperatures for pathogen and seed removal with addition of moisture to facilitate curing of the compost. These conditions provide the optimal living conditions for microorganisms to thrive and efficiently break down organic matter in the feedstock. Aeration enables the rapid production of cured compost, minimizing land use and pollutant risks.

AltRoot has a wood waste receiving facility at 20204 110 Ave. NW in Edmonton. For more information visit their website at


Unacceptable Compost. Plastic bags, plastic items, waste.. going to landfill.

Residential Composting

Current compost pad

With the addition of a new compost facility on site, we wanted to inform you that our current pad is still in use.  Differences are, grass, leaves, small limbs, food waste and animal waste accepted.  Only residents and no  bags.  No charge to residents, and it will not go toward your tonnage.  Commercial accounts will need to set up an account with the Compost company, Altroot.  ALtroot does not want small loads or residents on site where possible, only commercial loads.



We now have a commercial compost facility on site that can manage grass, leaves, food and animal waste and clean wood waste.  They have the ability to handle up to 20,000 tonne per year.  The compost will be certified compost and will go to farmers for fertilizer.  Commercial businesses need to set up an account with Altroot, not with the regional landfill.  Get office information from brochure link below.


They will only accept commercial loads on site, but will take our materials that are dumped in our compost facility and wood area, clean wood only, as they need it.