Coronavirus Update


The waste facility has put in strict guidelines in order to continue to handle your recycle materials.  Canada has identified waste and recycling as essential services so we are trying to do our best in order to keep these services going.

There are some changes in public access, so we ask that you please follow directions and signs as required.  Thank you, Tom


Customers are only allowed in the East end door for unloading cardboard, paper, plastic and tin, the doors will close before closing to allow for staff to sanitize and prepare for the  next day.

Staff have been provided, and are required to use, specific guidelines which include. but not limited to:

No assisting public with unloading waste.

No public allowed in main office

Use of hepi masks and rubber gloves at all times while handling recycle bins and materials.

Continued sanitizing of bins and areas where public may touch, ie doors, with sanitizer a few times throughout the day.  This does not include anything outside the buildings.

Self isolation of any staff or a member of family who develop a cold or fever.

Cleaning of all equipment at least twice a day with cleaners.

Public not allowed into Recycle Centre without mask.

Any recycle that comes in that seems suspicious to be automatically thrown in waste.  This includes tissues, anything with liquid still in it, possible wipes of any kind.

Thank you, Tom

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