Your regional landfill is a Class II Municipal solid waste facility that serves the residents and commercial businesses within Westlock County and the area.

Accepted Waste?

Accepted Items Handout UPDATED January 2022

Facility Map Handout UPDATE January 2022

Recycle Centre Guidelines-2022

What can I bring to the landfill?

We accept residential and commercial waste from the Westlock County Region. We are now able to receive non-hazardous hydrovac materials

Are you aware that if you dump on site illegally, not following directions, you can be charged for the load directly plus the cost of cleanup with a minimum charge of $150.00?  This can go higher if you dump say, oil in metal pile, or chemicals in pesticide container area.. etc.  So do what you are asked and follow directions AND signs.  thank you

There are some materials we can not handle, examples include:

Explosives, Liquid waste, Biowaste, commercial hazardous waste, some household hazardous waste (ask at scale as there are some things we can handle).

Why do we have to stop at the scale?

All material is weighed in for billing and for annual reporting to Alberta Environment.  By providing us with your account number we can then bill the appropriate municipality or company.  We can track the type of material coming in as well as what is sent out for recycling.  It also provides us information of who is on site if we find a substance that is not allowed to be dumped on site.

Unacceptable Practices

Even though we have signs, and give direction, we still have a few people who think it is "ok" to dump anything wherever they wish.  All this does is causes more work for staff and increases the possibility of us being fined by Alberta Environment.  Please put the waste where it belongs, ask if you are not sure where to put it.

YOU CAN GET FINED AND BANNED for not following directions and for dumping stuff where it does not belong.

Prohibited Waste Policy

OP08 Miscellaneous Regulations