Recycle Building

We bale and ship for recycling, paper, cardboard, and tin.  We accept all of the above items in the recycle building.

We are also grinding 1-7 plastics, no film, for two used plastics processors.  If you look next to our scale house and the recycle centre you will see planters made from Plastic from the Westlock Facility.

Recycle Centre Guidelines-2022

Landfill Rates including Recycle

We have a complete recycle program at the Westlock Regional Waste facility, located at the landfill.  We handle the regular recycle materials, paper (separate office paper please), tin cans, cardboard, plastic (no film please), NOT GLASS.  In addition to Paints, Used oil and containers, Tires, Electronics (if it has a cord or battery we recycle it), and Metal.  So please let staff know EVERYTHING you have in your load and try to sort it.

Our goal is to keep as much material out of the landfill as possible and this can only happen with your help and cooperation.  Once waste hits the landfill we do not go through it, it is landfilled and there for life.  We have outlets in Alberta, not sent over seas, for our plastic products, Paper and cardboard goes to facilities in Canada and US.  Paints goes to a place in Calgary, electronics in Edmonton, and so on, we monitor where our products go, and take pride in what we do in the recycle area for a small region.

We do have the capacity to charge you, the resident and business, directly at double landfilling fees if we find that you are abusing the system and not recycling.  For an example, in the spring we average over 250 people on site a day, if each person throws just one cardboard box into the landfill, that is 250 cardboard boxes, that takes up a minimum of about 1 cubic meter of landfill space that costs us about $120 in lost air space in the landfill.  So if you have 5 or 6, that adds up a lot faster.  This also goes for paper, and plastic.

We are often asked about Glass, why we do not recycle it.  Here is the main reason, SAFETY.  Our staff have to handle the recycle by hand, broken glass is not safe due to sharp edges, food waste and contamination in the glass.  Second is the cost to ship it is over $400.00 tonne with all costs in, including payment at the receiving site.

Now, that said... I am looking at an option where we can take that glass and mix it in with our concrete, I just have to figure out a safe way for staff to handle it and take it to the concrete pile in an efficient and low cost process.  We will keep you posted.  Just an FYI, when we did take glass, it was landfilled, and the total space taken up in the landfill was minimal, but still did have an impact to landfill space.

Our goal is to recycle and divert at least 60% of waste we take in away from the landfill, currently we are only at about 35%, commercial is the main focus now as their level of recycle in their loads is significant.  We do have options if businesses bring in their recycle separately for a reduced cost to encourage recycling, more and more businesses are doing this each year.

Yes Recycling works, if done right and managed appropriately.  Does it make money, no not really, we are happy when we break even, but the savings in in the landfill space we are not taking up, which is costly.  So PLEASE RECYCLE.. thank you.


Click on the link below to see what's happening at the Regional Waste Facility.

See whats happening at regional waste facility

To our valued customers and members of public from the Westlock County Region. The Westlock Regional Landfill located outside of Westlock is receiving recycle material with some restrictions.

1.  Staff are not allowed to assist customers in unloading.

2.  public is required to sort their own recycle materials.  Do not leave materials in bags, unless it is shredded paper.

Staffs health and wellness are priority so among the above requirements, non staff members will not be allowed into any working area of the buildings.  The only exception is essential contractors as required.

Please follow any directions given to you by staff and be safe.

Thank You.

Recycle items

Recycle Center (located at regional landfill)

We will take commercial empty used oil containers, liter up to 20 liter pails.  smaller containers must be in plastic bags, pails with lids off and stacked, yes we take lids as well.  NO LIQUIDS.  If you bring this in separately there is no charge, we are seeing too much going to the landfill.

We handle paint, electronics, used oil, metal, pesticide containers,  and tires for recycling.  Along with the regular things like Cardboard, Paper, (please sort your paper so office paper is separate, news paper and magazines are separate and other papers can be together) Plastic (1-7s, No Film), and Tin cans.  We ask that you sort your office paper from regular news print please.  Also, please clean and rinse the plastic and tin cans, they do not have to be cleaned, just rinsed, we prefer no metal lids.


VILLAGE OF CLYDE, did you know your recycle materials are now being taken to your own regional recycle centre here at the regional landfill?  We ask that you separate the cardboard as best as possible, and the rest can go into the blue bag.  NO GLASS or COMPOST.  Click the link for more information.  Thank you.  Updated Village of Clyde Acceptable Recyclable Items

Town of Westlock, did you know that effective April 1, 2022, your recycle materials will be taken to your own regional recycle centre here at the regional landfill?  We ask that you separate the cardboard as best as possible, and the rest can go into the blue bag.  NO GLASS or COMPOST.  Click the link for more information.  Thank you.  Town of Westlock Acceptable Recyclable Items

Ag Plastics

We are now a receiving site for Ag Plastics, Grain bags, silage bags, baling twine and baling netting.  Please go to our Ag Plastics Pilot Project tab above and read the information.  Be advised if you decide NOT to be part of this program and landfill the ag plastics, you the resident/customer will be 100% responsible to pay double the tipping fee for putting this into the landfill, only exception is if staff direct you to landfill, we do keep records.

Other services

Hydrovac dumping station

Commercial Compost facility