Recycle Building

We have installed a recycle baler into our recycle building.  We can now bale and ship for recycling, paper, cardboard, plastic and tin.  We accept all of the above items in the recycle building.

We are also grinding 1-7 plastics, no film, for two used plastics processors.  If you look next to our scale house and the recycle centre you will see planters made from Plastic from the Westlock Facility.

Recycle Centre Guidelines

Special Announcement:

To our valued customers and members of public from the Westlock County Region.  The Westlock Regional Landfill located outside of Westlock is still receiving recycle material with some restrictions.

1.  Staff are not allowed to assist customers in unloading.

2.  public is required to sort their own recycle materials.  Do not leave materials in bags, unless it is shredded paper.

3.  all recycle bins are sanitized each time they are rotated into service.


The transfer station and Landfill are open regular hours.  Staff will not be allowed to assist to unload or to handle any waste, so bring waste in a manageable volume for you to handle.  If you have a cough or a fever please do not come out, if you do please be masked.

Staffs health and wellness are priority so among the above requirements, non staff members will not be allowed into any buildings.  The only exception is essential contractors as required.

Please follow any directions given to you by staff and be safe.

Thank You, Tom Moore, Commission Manager.

Recycle items

We handle paint, electronics, used oil, metal, pesticide containers,  and tires for recycling.  Along with the regular things like Cardboard, Paper, (please sort your paper so office paper is separate, news paper and magazines are separate and other papers can be together) Plastic (1-7s, No Film), and Tin cans.  We ask that you sort your office paper from regular news print please.  Also, please clean and rinse the plastic and tin cans, prefer no lids.



We HAVE expanded our recycle centre.  We added a tipping floor for larger loads of recycles as well as an area to sort plastics and shred it for market.  We are, and will continue to take, types 1-7 plastics, NO FILM.  What are they making with these plastics you ask?  go to his link just to get an idea.

This is only one of 3 companies we will be dealing with, all in Alberta.

VILLAGE OF CLYDE, did you know your recycle materials are now being taken to your own regional recycle centre here at the regional landfill?  We ask that you separate the cardboard as best as possible, and the rest can go into the blue bag.  NO GLASS or COMPOST.  Click the link for more information.  Thank you.  Village of Clyde Acceptable Recyclable Items

Other Recycle items

Refrigeration units.


Please do not throw these into the landfill.  They contain gases that affect the Ozone layer.  We have a place you can put them for our contractors to remove the gases and dispose of it appropriately.  We just ask that you remove all foods from the units prior to disposal.  This includes Refrigerators, Water Coolers, Air Conditioners and Freezers.  thank you.