What to expect when visiting the WRWMC

All patrons must drive onto the scale when arriving, with their permit card. Please follow the traffic control lights when using the scale, or alternate incoming and outgoing traffic during busy times. Stop at the speaker on the driver side and hold up your permit card in the passenger window so the scale attendant can read it. They will review your load and direct you to where you can offload your materials. Always follow directions from staff, as well as signage, when visiting the site. Sometimes the locations for materials change! Once you have unloaded your materials, you will drive onto the scale again. The attendant will capture your outgoing weight, then you can exit the site.

In addition to the services listed above, you may also be directed to the following areas of the WRWMC site:

  • household garbage transfer bins
  • metal pile
  • electronics sea cans
  • tire cages
  • fridges/freezers compound
  • used oil compound
  • concrete pile

Permit Cards

Permit cards, which are issued by your municipality, will give you access to the services at the WRWMC site. They are issued by Westlock County, the Town of Westlock, and the Village of Clyde. Please contact your respective municipality to apply for a permit card or if you have questions about your current permit card. Click on their logos below for access to their websites.

If you do not have a permit card, you are still able to utilize the services at WRWMC on a 'pay as you throw' basis. You will follow the same process for scaling in and out of the site, but you will be asked to come into the scale house on your way out to pay for your load, based on weight and current rates & fees. Debit and credit are preferred for payment.

Commercial Accounts

If you are a business that would like to apply for a commercial account that allows you to be billed monthly for your usage of the WRWMC services, you can do so by filling out the application below. Once completed, please submit to finance@wrwmc.com and we will be in touch with you shortly. If you have any questions, you can call us at 780-307-2456.