The Commission

Westlock Regional Landfill (main landfill south and east of Westlock) is under the direction of the Westlock Regional Waste Management Commission, not the County of Westlock. It is comprised of members from the Town of Westlock, Westlock County, and the Village of Clyde.

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For those who want to pay at the site, we do take debit or credit card, no cash.

New Rates Effective January 1, 2023

2021 Financial Statement

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Regional Landfill

The Waste Commission is responsible for the Westlock Regional Landfill.  The landfill is a Class II Municipal Waste Facility and under the management of a Commission Manager.  The landfill operates under the Alberta Government Code of Practice for Landfills.  Located at 59424 Rrd 262, SE of Town of Westlock.

Landfill Guidelines

Follow staff directions at all times

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Recycle Facility

In addition to a landfill on site, the facility also has a recycle facility.  They can take Cardboard, Paper, office paper,  Tin, Metal, 1-7 plastics, Electronics, Paints, Tires, Used Oil, and other items for recycling.  NO GLASS, NO PLASTIC BAGS

Recycle Center Guidelines


As we are no longer burning wood, same rules apply to the brush pile as per no waste.  This material is ground up and used in our compost facility.  They can not accept anything with paint, stain, resins, etc. in the wood.  Nor can they take metals, plastics, etc.  Only brush allowed.

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NOTICE:  Effective January 1, 2023 rates have changed.  See link below for new rates.

2023 Landfill Rates

Alberta EPR (End Producer Responsibility) Information

Just a brief information on the new Alberta EPR program that is being implemented over the next couple of years.

Go here for a slide presentation put on by Alberta Parks and Environment.

More information for public.  Just so you know we do not know exactly what all of this means.  I will try and keep this information up as it is provided to us.

Public information

Recycle Program

NOTICE: Staff have been directed to monitor loads closely and anyone, or any business, that is not willing to recycle their materials will be charged double tipping fee at the landfill directly.  Too much cardboard, plastic, metal, and paper is going into the landfill and this costs us Thousands of dollars a year in landfill space.  So the burden is on you to do your part.  Thank you. 

We do have the capacity to charge you, the resident and business, directly at double landfilling fees if we find that you are abusing the system and not recycling.  For an example, in the spring we average over 250 people on site a day, if each person throws just one cardboard box into the landfill, that is 250 cardboard boxes, that takes up a minimum of about 1 cubic meter of landfill space that costs us about $120 in lost air space in the landfill.  So if you have 5 or 6, that adds up a lot faster.  This also goes for paper, and plastic.

We are often asked about Glass, why we do not recycle it.  Here is the main reason, SAFETY.  Our staff have to handle the recycle by hand, broken glass is not safe due to sharp edges, food waste and contamination in the glass.  Second is the cost to ship it is over $400.00 tonne with all costs in, including payment at the receiving site.

Our goal is to recycle and divert at least 60% of waste we take in away from the landfill, currently we are only at about 35%, commercial is the main focus now as their level of recycle in their loads is significant.  We do have options if businesses bring in their recycle separately for a reduced cost to encourage recycling, more and more businesses are doing this each year.

Yes Recycling works, if done right and managed appropriately.  Does it make money, no not really, we are happy when we break even, but the savings is in the landfill space we are not taking up, which is costly.  So PLEASE RECYCLE.. thank you.

Recycle Centre Guidelines

Look what's happening at the Regional Landfill.

Click here for a video on what we are doing at the regional waste facility

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